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Apr 09, 2021
Wonderful and seamless experience!
- A. Desiongco
Apr 07, 2021
This company definitely made the closing process pleasant and stress free. The experience was excellent. The agency was very knowledgeable, friendly, responsive and easy to work with. Outstanding service!
Apr 07, 2021
Very quick and efficient service!
- D. Michael
Apr 07, 2021
Nina and her team were wonderful! Excellent and Friendly service!!! Our closing was very fast, while they also paid attention to every detail!
- L. Columna
Apr 07, 2021
Katie, Was a pleasure to work with...warm, friendly, timely, and focused on my needs. I truly appreciate her patience with me and willingness to make it a great experience for me. She truly represented the company and herself in a highly professional manner.
- S. Williams
Mar 24, 2021
An amazing company whose staff is always willing to help and go the extra mile. If you are looking for a friendly, professional and experienced title company to help in your real estate closing they are the company you want!!! I would refer to anyone.
- L. Smith
Mar 23, 2021
I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the entire Prestige Title of Brevard Team! I believe I have spoken to every member of the Prestige Title team concerning questions, documents, and for the majority of the time just a piece of mind. Most reviews will usually highlight a team member or two, but this review is for the entire team. No matter whom I spoke with whether or not they were my direct Title Processor or Title Agent the entire team jumped right in to answer my questions, give me direction, and\or send me the documents needed for all other facets of the closing\moving process. I would recommend Prestige TItle to anyone and all who are looking for the most personal attention and a seamless closing. For any future closings I will be requesting Prestige TItle to handle all of our closing\title processing without question. We can not thank you enough Prestige Title Team for making this experience such a stress free process, but most importantly making us feel valued.
- B. Squires
Mar 17, 2021
With just the limited contact with the folks at Prestige Title so far, just head and shoulders above the Title Company we had in NY.
- W. Springer
Mar 12, 2021
I have worked with various Title companies in the past and Prestige Title with Cindy and Sarah provided the best experience yet. Thank you for making this closing smooth despite hard times.
- C. Brown
Mar 12, 2021
Yes please send it in the mail
- E. Rauh
Mar 11, 2021
Always great service.. Krisi is on top of things 100%
- L. Veltri
Mar 07, 2021
You guys did an amazing job! It just wasn’t meant to be were happy where we are. I appreciate everything everyone did during this time . Your team is amazing !
- J. Thurmond
Mar 05, 2021
Tina Siau, it was great working with you. Thanks for your patience and quick turn time.
- J. Estes
Mar 04, 2021
Absolutely Awesome! Tina and Jenny Rock!
Mar 04, 2021
I found the employees of this company easy to reach, knowledgeable and very professional. A pleasure to work with and this was not my first real estate experience.
- C. Brown
Feb 27, 2021
Everything went perfect. Very pleasant experience.
- R. Dube
Feb 27, 2021
I will highly recommend Krisi to all my friends for their title needs. She was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and extremely patient. My lenders process was not the best, and she assured me that things would work out. Without all Krisi’s assistance, there were times I didn’t think it would all go through. But she went above and way beyond to make sure it did. I purchased any first home on 2/25/21, and My family and I are forever grateful for Prestige title. Thank you Krisi from the bottom of our heart.
- C. White
Feb 25, 2021
Great communication and smooth transaction.
- S. Jubran
Feb 22, 2021
Super Efficient and Friendly Service.
- B. Dalal
Feb 12, 2021
Prestige was professional, efficient and more importantly friendly and engaging.
- J. Breen
Feb 10, 2021
U can send it to my address 1472 Holland streett
- J. Infante
Feb 03, 2021
Knowledgeable and helpful company!
- B. Johnson
Feb 01, 2021
Jennifer, Tina and Brian were all super friendly and willing to help with everything. Hope I didn't leave anyone off the list because the entire Prestige Title team we worked with were awesome and professional!
- V. Fillmore
Jan 29, 2021
Awesome customer service!
- E. Smith
Jan 22, 2021
I live in PA and I bought a home in Florida for my sister. I even needed a POA. Tina was awesome! She answered all my questions, and went above and beyond to handle this transaction for me. She deserves a raise!
- K. Mitchell
Jan 21, 2021
Great experience, professional staff, and very pleasant to talk to.
- A. Sanders
Dec 21, 2020
BIG THANKS to Teresa and her team at Prestige Title! They went above and beyond to help my client simultaneously close on 2 properties. They excel in communication, patience and attentiveness. If you live in Brevard County as a seller or realtor I would highly recommend them!
- T. M.
Dec 14, 2020
Absolutely the kind of first rate first time conversation I would expect from a company who values customer service. Really impressed with Krisi Ferguson and her willingness to help me with my upcoming home sale. Looking forward to completing the close with Prestige.
- E. Hausman
Nov 12, 2020
Everything has been explained to me and I have been well informed every step of the way. Thanks a million.
- A. Brooks
Nov 10, 2020
Prestige Title makes the experience of buying/selling a breeze ! Tina is fantastic, as are they all !!
- J. Kidd
Oct 26, 2020
Good service
- B. Ferro
Oct 23, 2020
Krisi Ferguson goes above and beyond on every file, we recently had a closing for a refinance and had to squeeze it in for a same day closing, package out at 9 am and closed at 3 PM, when other title companies would just move the date, Krisi was able to get it done! 5 stars well deserved! Thanks so much Krisi
- S. Culp
Oct 19, 2020
Prestige Title helped my father and I. They were fantastic to work with. We had some glitches (not related to them) in our closing which they handled perfectly and with an amazing attitude! Overhearing my conversation with them one day, my husband said, “Those people seem unusually good and nice!” They are! I highly recommend them!
- P. Moody
Oct 07, 2020
Good experience! Everything was made as easy as possible for us. Things went smooth throughout the whole process. Jeremy did a great job
- S. Godfrey
Oct 05, 2020
Very good Agency... People very kind and professional
- D. Zucconi
Oct 02, 2020
Nina was awesome & very responsive during the whole process.
- r. irwin
Sep 28, 2020
Hi have been using Prestige Title as my ONLY title company since Cindy Nienajadlo joined them early this century. Cindy is integral to ensuring everything is done, everyone in the transaction is handled perfectly and all is well and on time. I could not do my job anywhere near as efficiently without Cindy's expertise and exemplary customer service. Prestige Title makes it a joy to attend closings for my clients and I am so proud to call Prestige and Cindy an integral part of my expert team!
- J. Wallace
Sep 21, 2020
- .
Sep 18, 2020
The closing went very smoothly. Thank you, Emily, for faxing the closing docs to the utility company so they could close my account. ALSO thank you for coming in a little early so I could sign my closing papers. A great title company to deal with!
- D. Hilton
Sep 15, 2020
Our closing went smoothly and efficiently! We are very happy with the way everything was handled, your staff is courteous and right on the mark! Thank you all!
- J. Michaelman
Sep 08, 2020
Process for my closing and receiving information was met with courtesy, very knowledgeable and information provided and also not stressful. I was very pleased with the process.
- A. Griffin Echevarria
Sep 07, 2020
Smooth and fast experience. Everyone was very helpful.
- R. Howell
Aug 31, 2020
Cindy and her team deliver smooth closings time after time. We appreciate all your efforts to make our day just a little bit less stressful. !!!
- J. Wright
Aug 27, 2020
The ladies at Prestige Title are always courteous,helpful and importantly available,or call/email back very quickly to answer a question or concern..The process at closing was efficient,organized and a pleasant experience. Definitely use them again,thanks again...Mike and Edemarie T.
Aug 25, 2020
Prestige Title made selling my house and buying my new home effortless! All of the team members were friendly, efficient and easy going. Thank you all so very much!
- M. Small
Aug 20, 2020
Krisi is a gem. Very personable and quick with a response.
- C. Rowe
Aug 19, 2020
Closing was quick. They have taken all the Covid-19 CDC cleaning and 6 feet apart measures to make sure we were comfortable.
- G. Ramirez
Aug 18, 2020
It has been a pleasure dealing with this company
- P. Baron
Aug 18, 2020
They are one of the best companies around and Krisi is awesome to work with
- W. Hale
Aug 14, 2020
- W. Campbell
Aug 13, 2020
I have been in the Real estate business for over 20 years and have closed on many homes during that time. This closing was for my personal house and I must say that it was very smooth! The closer was polite and pleasant to speak with and the closing went well. I intend to use them again. Jim Goldsmith
- J. Goldsmith
Aug 11, 2020
Very professional and thorough in all dealings. Superb follow-up and responsive to any concerns. Entire staff is top-notch!
- R. Lewis
Aug 07, 2020
I have to say, we are so impressed with your team at Prestige Title! Everyone we dealt with was professional, knowledgeable and made this entire process go so smoothly. Thank you all for a job well done!
- D. Karolick
Aug 06, 2020
This is coming from the Manager/Senior Loan Processor for Infinity Mortgage Group INC. This has been such a great experience with Nina Williams of Prestige Title of Brevard. From beginning to end Nina was a phone call or email away. Highly recommended.
- T. Richards
Aug 05, 2020
All three documents look good to me.
- E. Rivenbark
Jul 31, 2020
very professional and responsible, communication with clients are awesome.
- A. Cruz
Jul 27, 2020
Thank you for your prompt response and providing the executed Assignment of Claim, Elizabeth Fernandez, Legal Assistant at Florin Roebig
- E. Fernandez
Jul 24, 2020
Very goid
- D. Zucconi
Jul 22, 2020
so far, everything has gone well
- T. Grubbs
Jul 16, 2020
Jeremy is Amazing!!
- K. Sabulis
Jul 13, 2020
Love to work with Prestige Title, especially with Jeremy. He always there for any question or concerns for mi and mi clients. My clients are very please for the such of professional and effective title company I suggest for them. Thank you so much Jeremy for making this happing and the good work.
- K. Rodriguez
Jul 10, 2020
- B. Luu
Jul 09, 2020
Thank you for always responding promptly to my emails. Hope I close soon.
- M. Lager
Jun 29, 2020
Had a great experience with the closing on the refinance of my mortgage on June 29, 2020. Everything went right on time. The Prestige Title Associates I dealt with were all very courteous, friendly and very professional. The closing paperwork was all ready when I arrived and the process was quick and easy. Highly recommend Prestige Title for Mortgage Closings.
Jun 29, 2020
No comments
- T. Vo
Jun 26, 2020
In light of the fact that mobile closing agents (notaries) are conducting business inside 7 or so properties/homes each day, they should be instructed to follow strict covid safety protocols: mask 6' physical distancing if possible
- K. gibbs
Jun 25, 2020
Excellent job...Thanks everyone at Prestige.
- C. Balan
Jun 19, 2020
Every person on the team was professional and patient during our refinance process. All our questions were answered promptly. We were very impressed with the communication and we always felt comfortable! Love this team.
- S. Kiscoe
Jun 18, 2020
Always a great team to work with! Thank you all for all your Hard work to close with minimal surprises!
- K. Watson
Jun 18, 2020
I read your email. Let me give my feedback to you using the replying email. Thank you for your email.
- Y. Kim
Jun 13, 2020
It was a wonderful experience
- N. Duperon
Jun 12, 2020
Kris Ferguson is a saint. I have very powerful faith in God. He sent this lady to my wife and Me yesterday. After just a nightmare scenario with our home that we are selling, my wife and I were just in shock. Full mental out of it. Couldn’t think. Worst case scenario in our brains. Kris came in and just calmed us right down. She was just terrific. She talked about God and that it will be ok. A peace that goes beyond all understanding came over me. I knew God was at work. Thank you Kris. This was not about a closing at all. It was about a lady who took the time to slow everything down and help us. It was the end of the day besides so I know they all wanted to leave. What a wonderful lady who is an expert and who helped us get through a terrible situation. I work in Medicine and I have to have tough conversations with my patients at times. I only pray I make my patients feel the way she made us feel. Thank you again.
- S. Sima
Jun 11, 2020
Nina Williams customer service is above and beyond and she is definitely an asset to Prestige Title.
- J. Robb
Jun 11, 2020
Nina William was very nice to help me
- B. Vilbrun
Jun 10, 2020
Nina was wonderful to work with. Thank you!!!!
- C. Balan
Jun 10, 2020
Excellent service
- T. Warren
Jun 03, 2020
I just refinanced my house and this is the second time I have used Prestige Title Company, since I used them also when I bought the house 3 yrs. ago. It was a pleasure doing business with them for their promptness in keeping me informed. their knowledge and their professionalism.
- E. Longardi
May 22, 2020
Prepared for vivid 19.
Apr 29, 2020
Working with Jeremy & Alaura has been great. Always answer questions promptly and handle all issues swiftly.
- k. crisalli
Apr 23, 2020
Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly
- C. Realtor
Apr 13, 2020
Very professional,timely and simple to work with. No stress.
Mar 27, 2020
Prestige Title is amazing. Jeremy Rannings, the closer we work with is always one step ahead. Truly wonderful to work with such a professional.
- L. McDavitt
Mar 27, 2020
Accommodating, friendly, explained every document with clarity
- A. Piccirillo
Mar 19, 2020
We just received our closing documents for a closing in less than two weeks. Up to now, everything has smoothly and the staff has been very accommodating. I see no reason that will change.
- P. Rosato
Mar 18, 2020
Krisi is the best. We Had a closing that required overseas notaries. Very different time zones. She stuck with it and got it done. A true professional. She kept the Seller's, Buyer's and real estate agents all in informed.
- C. Walker
Mar 16, 2020
Cindy Nienajadlo, was very professional and knowledgeable. Cindy helped with the finalization of the sell of my property and kept me informed when to expect the wire to go though with the completion of the sell. Thank you.
- M. Hayes
Mar 16, 2020
Alaura Seidner was very professional and knowledgeable. Alaura helped guide me through the process of selling my home and taking the time out to keep me informed with what I needed to know to finish selling my home. She is a true asset to your company and I will recommend your company in the future. Thank you.
- M. Hayes
Mar 16, 2020
Jeremy Rannings was very courteous and professional in all my interactions with him. Jeremy through his actions and knowledge helped make the sell of my property easy and painless. Jeremy also helped guide me with what I had to do before, during, and after the sell of my property and left me feeling that i had met a truly remarkable person. Your company is very lucky to have a person like him working for you, and I will recommend your company to other people in the future. Thank you.
- M. Hayes
Mar 12, 2020
Very smooth and professional operation. From beginning to end, 2 to 3 days with no snags.
- I. Perez
Mar 05, 2020
Krisi and all the people at Prestige are the best.
- C. Walker
Mar 02, 2020
This experience was flawless. It is hard to believe that we can purchase a home in one state and close in another state. Nina make the whole process easy. She was available to answer any questions that we had small or large - she was always friendly but professional and she never made me feel like I was bothering her - she made use feel important. My bank echos my comments - at our closing on Friday the Loan officer said that Nina was wonderful to work with. Wonderful customer service. Thank you Nina.
- S. Thomas-Feeney
Feb 28, 2020
Very informative and professional
- K. Davey
Feb 19, 2020
Jeremy and Prestige Title has always been the most proactive, efficient, professional group we have worked with. Closings have been well coordinated and close on time. Jeremy has also been helpful on title questions/concerns and other closings even when not the Title company on the closings.
- P. Soloway
Feb 18, 2020
Very good! Please send check to 317 Waterford Heights, DeBary fl. 32713
- L. Wiehagen
Feb 14, 2020
Excellent service
- J. Youngkin
Feb 10, 2020
always awesome to work w/ you all
Feb 05, 2020
From start to finish our experience was perfect.
- D. Hopkins
Feb 04, 2020
We have worked with Prestige Title for many years. The staff is experienced and always very helpful. Would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a title company
- W. Hale
Jan 31, 2020
Very professional and always communicating.
- B. Burdette
Jan 23, 2020
Nina Williams is exceptional! She consistently goes above and beyond - meeting Sellers at their homes, offices, ANYWHERE at their convenience to sign closing documents, including evenings and weekends. She is the utmost professional and a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Nina Williams with Prestige Title of Brevard. I LOVE Prestige Title of Brevard and all of their dedicated agents and staff!
- B. Zukowski
Jan 22, 2020
so far so good.
- W. Jordan
Jan 21, 2020
Jan 21, 2020
Very professional. was greeted when arrived .
- F. Gulinello
Jan 19, 2020
Krisi handled the closing on our new home in a very very professional way. She has a wonderful friendly personality and is very polite. She had an answer for every question we had. She was very organized and efficient! Krisi is a important and valuable asset to your company. Again thank you Krisi Johnny and Janice Bellina
- J. Bellina
Dec 31, 2019
Very competent realto! Extraordinary people!
- O. Bertagni
Dec 31, 2019
Very competent realto! Extraordinary people!
- O. Bertagni
Dec 31, 2019
Everybody is so kind and accommodating. I am very grateful for all of the help.
- J. Sweet
Dec 24, 2019
Jeremy and the team were extremely helpful throughout the whole closing process. We were already across the country when closing was scheduled, so Jeremy found a notary local to us and set everything up to be quick and easy.
- C. Mencarelli
Dec 21, 2019
Will see how quickly can we close this transaction. Can we close by the 23th?
- I. Agosto
Dec 17, 2019
very professional and super service.
- j. amato
Dec 04, 2019
Great service
- E. Rutledge
Dec 02, 2019
Very impressed how quickly they responded per my request.
- N. Schofner
Nov 26, 2019
Very professional
- O. Bertagni
Nov 25, 2019
A very pleasant experience and staff.
- S. Giancola
Nov 24, 2019
Everyone involved were available for questions and very helpful. May our property purchase feel easy and stress-free.
- S. Stake
Nov 18, 2019
Very kind and professional. The Agency is the TOP in everything.
- O. Bertagni
Nov 14, 2019
Overall great experience throughout the process. Wish we did not have to wait to the last minute for the final closing disclosure. Would have liked to have it with ample time to review and discuss.
- J. Torres
Nov 06, 2019
Teresa Roberts has been so helpful in the whole process. Polite, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.
- K. Odell
Nov 06, 2019
I give Emily and the team 5 Stars because of the excellent service and professionalism provided to me during this unusual situation and closing process. In the future I will send business your way. You treat your clients with respect and go beyond what is required to provide service.
- S. Simmons
Nov 04, 2019
Nina, tonya & alaura are just so wonderful to work with. They have made this transition so great! I love all of you at prestige!!
- M. Mcfadden
Oct 31, 2019
Prestige handled everything with the sale of our home and we couldn’t be happier! Tonya explained everything clearly so we were not left in the dark. Closing was seamless! Thank you!
- L. Oestreich
Oct 29, 2019
Krisi Ferguson provided outstanding service and represented Prestige Title very well.
- P. Garrity
Oct 25, 2019
Alaura & tonya have been such a fantastic help!
- M. Mcfadden
Oct 22, 2019
Prestige Title of Brevard is the most knowledgeable, professional, efficient and pleasant Closing Company I have ever worked with. There are many choices out there, but none come close in my experience to the smooth closing process that Prestige Title of Brevard provides. A local, family owned and operated business with world class service. Thank you to Tina, Tonya, Tiffany, Shawn, Monica and the entire staff for ALWAYS providing a job well done!
- T. Theodorou
Oct 18, 2019
My experience was very pleasant and professionally
- E. Simmons
Oct 18, 2019
My experience was very pleasant and to the point
- E. Simmons
Oct 15, 2019
Excellent, very helpful in assisting all my needs.
- L. White
Oct 15, 2019
Emily Ferguson was fantastic!! We ran into a couple of issues and Emily was still able to resolve everything and still close early!
- D. Phillips
Oct 09, 2019
Oct 08, 2019
A big thank you to Emily of Prestige Title, she is absolutely the best! I received information and answers to many questions even before I asked. When I did have a need to ask via email or phone, the response turn around was immediate, incredible open communication. Thinking it couldn’t get any better, the closing was completed ahead of schedule! I definitely do recommend Prestige Title of Brevard.
- D. Roland
Oct 08, 2019
A big thank you to Emily of Prestige Title, she is absolutely the best! I received information and answers to many questions even before I asked. When I did have a need to ask via email or phone, the response turn around was immediate, incredible open communication. Thinking it couldn’t get any better, the closing was completed ahead of schedule! I definitely do recommend Prestige Title of Brevard.
- D. Roland
Oct 08, 2019
Excellent customer service
- D. Melkun
Oct 08, 2019
Everything is good
- R. Larose
Oct 04, 2019
Prestige was able to help me close much faster than I ever believe could be done, and nearly a year later are still assisting me as a first timing owner in issues concerning my deed, previous owner issues and general questions. Never knew their could be such an efficient group as Prestige. I would definitely recommend Prestige for any real estate issues I could. Thanks!
- K. Harden
Sep 26, 2019
Prestige was terrific and everyone made my closing a breeze...truly a professional team!
- J. Hagedorn
Sep 26, 2019
Excellent, I love working with Krisi!
- B. Morrone
Sep 24, 2019
awesome 5 stAAR
- D. Dalrymple
Sep 23, 2019
Teresa & Kaitlin, Have been excellent to work with during my home buying process. Although, I'm on the other side of the state they've been very response to my special requests. They've made this long process very easy to navigate to date. I would definitely work with them again if I bought another house.
Sep 20, 2019
Very Professional and will help you every step of the way through the process.
- P. Cornish
Sep 10, 2019
Awesome experience
- m. Phillips
Sep 06, 2019
Everyone was very knowledgeable and made my first time home buyers feel welcome and comfortable. The closing itself went very smoothly. I will definitely recommend Prestige for my future closing's. Thank you Theresa and team Prestige!
- C. Gentry
Sep 05, 2019
As always another successful closing. Professional, caring and superb communication throughout the whole closing process.
- D. Webb
Aug 29, 2019
Great Job by both Cindy and Jeremy. Thank you so much for all of your help with our closing today!
- D. Healy
Aug 23, 2019
Everyone has been very helpful. They explained things that we didn't understand. Nina Williams has been very patient and wonderful to us.
- P. Brookhart
Aug 22, 2019
Very professional
- L. Dore
Aug 21, 2019
Wow, what a great experience, I just sold my moms house in Florida and I reside in NJ. My realtor introduced me to Prestige I am so thankful for all of their help. If you are looking for a professional service use Prestige, their service was the best. Thank you, Amanda and Tina!!!
- K. Manning
Aug 20, 2019
Customer friendly
- L. Ares
Aug 11, 2019
Very good
- J. Whyte
Aug 06, 2019
Very helpful and professional 😊
- K. Castelli
Aug 01, 2019
Everyone at Prestige Title has been very helpful and always available to answer questions.
- S. Anderson
Jul 31, 2019
Hi Jeremy, It has been excellent, and you guys have been right on the ball. Sure we will do well together, and a pleasure working with you. Bill
- B. Fernandez
Jul 29, 2019
Honestly, easy as pie!
- C. Dibble
Jul 25, 2019
Everyone was very helpful and kept me informed of what was happening.
- S. Anderson
Jul 24, 2019
Simply put......easy!!!!!
- C. Dibble
Jul 23, 2019
Professionalism at the highest level. It was a pleasure to work with someone as knowledgeable as Jeremy. We would recommend Prestige title to anyone in need of their services.
- J. Dutton
Jul 23, 2019
Professionalism at the highest level. It was a pleasure to work with someone as knowledgeable as Jeremy. We would recommend Prestige title to anyone in need of their services.
- J. Dutton
Jul 22, 2019
Jeremy and Nina do an outstanding job with every file. Their attention to detail and their communication throughout the sale is wonderful.
- L. McDavitt
Jul 16, 2019
Jeremy makes closings go smoothly and effectively communicates each documents purpose for buyers to understand.
- C. Darmanin
Jul 12, 2019
Teresa was great!!’ Went above and beyond for us on the closing of the property!
- E. Stillie
Jul 11, 2019
Excellent in every way!
Jul 09, 2019
Jeremy was quick, knowledgeable, and beyond helpful even after we closed!
- S. Comfort
Jul 08, 2019
From the day my wife and I first interacted with the Jeremy Rannings and the team at Prestige Title, it was evident that they were professionals dedicated to their customers! Well after closing, as questions or concerns have surfaced, Jeremy continues to guide my wife and I in the right direction. Thank you Jeremy for being there when we've needed help.
- M. Aceves
Jul 08, 2019
The office is attractive and clean. The staff is friendly. The have good coffee and cookies if you choose to indulge. Jeremy is very efficient, knowledgable, and professional. He plans ahead so the process is smooth. I would recommend this title company for your Real Estate transactions.
- C. Brady
Jul 05, 2019
Thank you so much, Tina Siau and Amanda Naber! It was a pleasure to work with you :)
- h. soong
Jul 05, 2019
Everyone goes above & beyond to see that both the real estate agents involved & clients questions get answers and needs get met.
- L. LaJoie
Jul 03, 2019
Great professionals to work with .Nina stuck with us through numerous addendums & closing extensions . Always got my answers quickly with Jeremy always ready to help out .
- l. stryker
Jun 28, 2019
Prestige Title of Brevard handled the closing of our Baytree home and having already moved out of state, we were a little concerned as we would not be present. Their office processed all the necessary paperwork/notifications. etc., in a most professional and efficient manner. Alaura Seidner and Cindy Nienajadlo were a pleasure to work with and took care of any questions/requests we had asap relieving any stress. We highly recommend Prestige Title and their excellent staff.
- D. Krinvic
Jun 28, 2019
Jeremy has been very responsive and great to work with.
- D. Scheffter
Jun 28, 2019
Great experience
- C. Vellanti
Jun 21, 2019
Fantastic, efficient service
- J. Fitzgerald
Jun 21, 2019
Jeremy and his team at Prestige Title were awesome! We highly recommend them!
- J. Long
Jun 18, 2019
great service
- D. Flowers
Jun 14, 2019
Prestige Title always delivers the best service! We love having our closings here!!
- J. Cevallos
Jun 05, 2019
They have been very professional, keeping me updated on progress and very efficient. It has been a pleasure having them working on my behalf
- D. Graham
Jun 04, 2019
Very responsive and ready to help with friendly services.
- D. Kirtley
Jun 01, 2019
Smoothest real estate closing transaction we have ever experienced. Nina and Jeremy are true professionals. Communication was precise, clear and timely. I hope we have the opportunity to worth with them again in the future.
- R. Torgusen
May 31, 2019
Always a pleasure working with the staff at Prestige Title.
- R. Bukowski
May 30, 2019
Simple and seamless
- A. Sium
May 29, 2019
Very professional and reliable. Prestige is the first company that comes to mind for all of my title needs.
- R. Grace
May 28, 2019
Prestige Title is always my #1 choice. The staff is exceptional and always gives 100% perfect service. As my closing agent, Teresa Roberts sets the standard for customer service. There's no one I trust more.
- K. Gordon
May 28, 2019
The team at Prestige Title is very professional. You can trust their efficiency in getting your clients to the closing table successfully.
- J. Weatherholt
May 20, 2019
Excelente experience with very professional and friendly services
- K. Marlin
May 20, 2019
PRESTIGE is All that and a bucket of Cold German Beers!!!!Love working with all of them except maybe Shawn....but he's just ok too....:-)
- C. Brown
May 16, 2019
Great experience and excellent communication!...Kudos Team Prestige!...
- S. Rodriguez
May 15, 2019
Great service!
- R. Harris
May 14, 2019
Prestige Title is always on top of the job. I never have to worry about them getting their part done to get us to an on-time closing.
- M. Duhamel
May 12, 2019
Cindy was so nice and very knowledgeable. She made it easy.
- E. Richter
May 06, 2019
I needed a copy of some closing documents from a previous home purchase facilitated by Prestige Title Co. The staff was very responsive and produced the documents via a secure transfer in a timely manner. In fact Kaitlin, exceeded my expectations by delivery the docs in less than 30 minutes. Outstanding service.
- H. Jones
May 06, 2019
I highly recommend Jeremy and Nina! They are the best in the business! I have worked with both of them on multiple deals within multiple counties here in Florida; From contract to close, they provide excellent service to my clients, lending-partners, and transaction staff. If you are looking for a premier title company, look no further than Prestige.
- R. Patel
Apr 30, 2019
Prestige Title was great to work with they were all very friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a title company.
- A. Tipton
Apr 30, 2019
My experience with Prestige Title was amazing. Tonya exceeded all my expectations. She was professional, friendly and knowledgeable when it came to all aspects of the closing. It was truly a pleasure doing business with her. Thank you!
- C. Smith
Apr 25, 2019
I am very happy with experience I have with Prestige Title. Great job
- L. Talley
Apr 23, 2019
Dont change a thing. Love working with Cindy and the team. Everyone is ALWAYS awesome!!
- J. Wright
Apr 23, 2019
I thought this was the smoothest transition, I think I have ever experienced. I loved you sending my documents on line and all I had to do was move in! Thank you very much for a great service!
- N. Alliston
Apr 19, 2019
She was so helpful and friendly, I couldn't have asked for more. And wonderful advise.
- D. Holm
Apr 16, 2019
Tonya was always on top of everything, accessible and easy to communicate with.
- T. Byers
Apr 16, 2019
Excellent service
- H. Thaung
Apr 09, 2019
As a Broker I know that my transactions are going to go smoothly to closing! They are smart, proactive and a pleasure to work with.
- P. Durkin
Apr 05, 2019
This is the best title company in Brevard! Service is incredible and I recommend them to anyone! Friendly and efficient staff. Thank you Prestige for being awesome!
- J. Smith
Apr 05, 2019
Great company to work with. I was so thankful for all the communication they provided during the transaction. I never had to worry because I knew they would reach out to me if something was wrong or if they needed anything. The entire staff was friendly from those answer the phones, the closing team working our file, to the lady at the front desk when we arrived for closing. They went above and beyond in every manner to meet or exceed our expectations and I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a great title company!
- S. Hart
Apr 05, 2019
you guys have been great to work with Thank you for that.
- P. Ares
Apr 05, 2019
Prestige Title is the best in the business. They are always one step ahead in the title process. They have a flawless operation from beginning to end and take care of the buyer and seller. Prestige Title is my title company of choice they always go above and beyond.
- E. Wong
Apr 05, 2019
I have closed with Prestige Title twice in the past 3 years. Everything about this closing experience has been excellent and stress-free. Even after I misplaced my HUD statement for use to do my taxes - the company put them in my hands within minutes of my phone call -- I am so impressed. Thank you Tanya for removing 1 hour of paper searching and stress and anxiety. I am relieved and you are wonderful.
- P. Diaz
Apr 03, 2019
When Jeremy first came on board with Prestige, I was a little bit reluctant. I am very protective of the "Gals of Prestige". But now I am all on board with him. I just might have to adopt him. He is doing a great job. He's a keeper.
- T. Noble
Apr 03, 2019
I appreciate the attention to detail and reminders.
- T. Buono
Apr 01, 2019
Outstanding service
- R. Harris
Apr 01, 2019
Excellent customer service. Very quick response to any queries we may have had. Very painless closing, and very accommodating to our time constraints due to work obligations.
- S. Bhaggan Adams
Mar 31, 2019
Great working with you again.
- R. Hansen
Mar 29, 2019
Excellent communication!!
- R. Rivera
Mar 29, 2019
Cindy (as with the whole team) is just wonderful to work with. And the team is always very appreciative for any assistance we can give on any of their title matters. They are great. I wish other agents could take a lesson from Cindy and her team on how to work well with others.
- T. Noble
Mar 28, 2019
Very good communication and processing. My clients were very happy with Prestige Title service.
- R. LeDoux
Mar 27, 2019
great experience, quick and easy
- M. Muenstermann
Mar 27, 2019
Emily and Prestige Title are top notch! One of the MOST seamless transactions to date!!
- E. Kelly
Mar 26, 2019
Prestige Title is Great an very Professional
- R. Smith
Mar 25, 2019
Everybody at Prestige Title of Brevard is wonderful to work with. They are professional, intelligent and (my favorite) fun. Even a little holiday insert can make a persons day. And your team does this. I adore working with this staff.
- T. Noble
Mar 23, 2019
Extremely courteous and helpful
- S. Beaudoin
Mar 21, 2019
Alaura Seidner is great to work with and very responsive. Thanks for all the hard work keeping my Title process moving along
- T. Mueller
Mar 20, 2019
5 Star service and very responsive and knowledgeable people.
- D. Balciunas
Mar 20, 2019
Cindy is AWESOME!
- V. Hart
Mar 18, 2019
Made the experience easy .
- M. Walsh
Mar 16, 2019
Outstanding closing service. Teresa keep all parties informed and followed-up timely to ensure a flawless transaction.
- D. Evans
Mar 15, 2019
- R. Rivera
Mar 13, 2019
- F. Lipson
Mar 13, 2019
Just need to cc the client(s) a bit more on all correspondence so everyone is in the loop.
- L. Corace
Mar 13, 2019
Since day one when I met Jeremy he has been class all the way. And I'm talking about those short sale days too:)
- M. Myers
Mar 11, 2019
Have used you previously Excellent service in all aspects Plus love your coffee and cookies.
- A. Kenyon
Mar 06, 2019
Excellent service and great communication!! That's what I love about Prestige Title of Brevard.
- L. Janke
Mar 06, 2019
Tina Siau has been so helpful, friendly, and very quick to respond to all of my emails. She was also pleasant to work with in person.
- J. Sacino
Mar 04, 2019
Very smooth and professional!
- S. Chaijirawat
Mar 04, 2019
So far I am very impressed with the service I have been receiving from Emily. She has kept us up to date on the status of everything and is very articulate on letting us know what documents she needs and when. Very pleased with her professionalism.
- P. Kaschuluk
Mar 03, 2019
Your team is simply the best title company in Brevard and Cindy is the top title agent. You all go the extra mile to get the transaction closed with as little drama as possible.
- C. Alzamora
Mar 01, 2019
Cindy Nienajadlo did an outstanding job and it was a pleasure to work with her
- j. gardner
Mar 01, 2019
Very professional
- L. Dore
Feb 28, 2019
excellent work everything done in a timely fashion thank you so much
- A. Bastos
Feb 28, 2019
Although our sale did not go through, due to unfortunate findings with the property during home inspection, I must say working with Prestige and Emily Fergurson has been a pleasure, through a very difficult sale process with an FSBO. That experience was a nightmare, Prestige was a dream to work with. Many thanks for the attention & great service. Our best to your team.
- K. DeGraw
Feb 26, 2019
Prompt friendly service Very accommodating & helpful with my particular situation , which I thought would be very difficult to handle and they made it a breeze .
- K. Silveira
Feb 14, 2019
Thank you for keeping us informed. We Appreciate your notifications
- J. Borchert
Feb 13, 2019
Amanda Naber was very friendly and helpful. She had a quick response time too.
- J. Sacino
Feb 11, 2019
Tina was great to work with, she's very quick to send documents and return emails. It was a pleasure working with her!
- D. Moores
Jan 28, 2019
Great title company. Beautiful building and fantastic service. Everyone there is friendly and beyond helpful.
- D. Contella
Jan 27, 2019
Always professional and polite. We will always be a Prestige house.
- K. Henderson
Jan 24, 2019
Incredible Communication! Knowledgeable about every situation in Brevard Real Estate! Innovative , ex Mobile Closing Bus Great Staff and Great People!
- E. Crockett
Jan 24, 2019
They are the best professional company I have worked with and will continue to work with. The staff is friendly and the office is beautiful. And don’t forget homemade cookie and coffee while you wait. As a realtor I have been with many companies for closings. But this one is the best ! All I can say is if you use anyone else your obviously don’t want the best!! Fabulous team!
- M. Rad
Jan 24, 2019
Always professional, thorough, and detail oriented. But more than that, always kind and willing to assist you. They keep you in the loop from beginning to end that provides peace of mind to the buyer and their Realtor. Can't go wrong with PToB
- J. Gannon
Jan 23, 2019
Monica and the team at Prestige Title are a pleasure to work with!
- R. Salazar
Jan 23, 2019
You all have been amazing supporting me & my customers! Always being eager to help, friendly, & solution minded if anything arises! Just want to hug you! Thank you!
- L. Toth
Jan 23, 2019
Prestige Title always goes above & beyond w/ their service & making the closing transaction a pleasant experience. They also are so helpful in also doing broker open houses ( Shawn is amazing chef). & now they have mobile closing. Everyone always has a smile on their face & happy to help you.
- J. Mogavero
Jan 23, 2019
Attentive, responsive & professional. Highly recommend Prestige Title!
- L. Lajoie
Jan 23, 2019
PTOB is the best. A family owned business with the most professional, kind and courteous stafd.
- M. Mendoza
Jan 23, 2019
Such a wonderful company with people who care what they do and for the people they do it for!! Absolute best!!!!
- L. Persson